VERO "On-Tour" and Content Creation

Vero, a new social network that aims to radically change the way consumers think and interact on social media- is a relationship-first social network, focused on providing users with a unique platform to share content and interact with others, by mirroring real-world relationships in an online setting.

As part of Vero's efforts to gain market share, they have launched an initiative called "Vero On Tour", where they partner with up and coming artists to "sponsor" their tours with financial support to take some of the burden off of touring independently in exchange for a sort of tour diary to be kept on Vero (what they are listening to, reading, watching, favorite stops to eat, photos/videos from traveling, etc.).

I was asked to come on board and help suggest, then introduce the Vero team to artists that would help build proof of concept for the app as these bands broadcast their tour life's on Vero.

I introduced the team to RauryBadBadNotGood, Yuna, Bosco, The Flavr Blue, Sam Lachow and Dave B to add to their roster along side Rationale, Whitney, and more spanning various genres and geographic locations.

I was also brought on to help create content for Vero by photographing the 'Vero On-Tour' artists, both performing and portraits, while on tour in London on behalf of Vero helping to create content for both Vero and the artists to use:

Rationale LIVE @ Scala

Whitney LIVE @ Oslo Hackney

WHITNEY LIVE In-Store @ Rough Trade London + Portraits

BadBadNotGood LIVE In-Store @ Rough Trade London

BadBadNotGood LIVE @ Village Underground 


Along with creating content and helping consult on the 'On-Tour' initiative- I have also been helping test new in-app functionality, providing feedback on ways to improve, and on-boarding content creators/influencers to use the app.

Galen Driver