MACRO: The Cisco Innovation Podcast Series [Cisco]


ROLE: Account Director/Senior Producer, Harvard


MACRO is a brand new podcast series that myself and my colleague at Harvard concepted, pitched and produced for the Innovation team at Cisco.

"With each episode of MACRO, we'll explore some of the many ways that technology is changing the world – and changing it for the better. We’ll provide the big picture, as well as those all-important close-ups."

The idea was to create a monthly podcast series shining a light on how and where technological innovation is making the world a better place. 

While focused on Cisco’s innovation programme, episodes place the work that Cisco does in a broader context of innovation.

This serves a dual purpose of making each episode more interesting to listen to, but also less self-serving and inspiring.

The series is more of an audio documentary style format, recorded in the field real time with the actual people designing the platforms and hardware, installing the tech, contributing real-world data, and/or being effected by the use cases.

We felt this format would complement the more topical, discussion-based approach of the existing Cisco UKI podcast series and appeal much more to the C-suite target audience than an interview style podcast would have.




Galen Driver