Journey Makers [Cisco, TFL]

ROLE: Senior Producer, Harvard

CLIENT: Cisco, TFL; Smart Mobility Living Lab London

As one of more than half a dozen connected and autonomous vehicle testbeds in the UK, SMLL needed a distinctive way of engaging people looking to test and validate driverless vehicles, and also excite those living and working in the two test areas in London. 

And so Journey Makers was born: a thought-provoking creative platform that celebrates the transport innovators of old while inviting people to become one of the next journey makers and help shape the way we get from A to B in future.

Led by an evocative short film that acts as the campaign ‘call to arms’, the campaign also includes out of home placements in Stratford and Greenwich where the project test sites are based, and a 48- sheet placement in a high traffic location in Shoreditch. Here we ask provocative questions about the future of mobility and how driverless cars will change the ways we travel.

Every creative asset is designed to drive people towards the Journey Makers content hub, where people can learn about the project, listen to the Journey Makers podcast series or even ask their own questions and join the debate.

Vicki DeBlasi, Head of Innovation Communications at Cisco, lead technology partner behind SMLL“When we talked to partners, customers and industry commentators, it’s clear that no-one truly knows what the future of transport looks like – but everyone has a vested interest in it. That’s the spirit of what we created with Journey Makers, a sense of adventure that captures people’s imaginations. As we move to seeing connected and autonomous vehicles on our roads, we are positioning SMLL to help customers validate transport solutions in a complex urban environment.”

Marc Allenby, Creative Director at Harvard, said: “To get people excited about coming to London and working with SMLL, we needed a way to connect with them emotionally. With the future of driverless cars so uncertain, we saw this as an opportunity to invite our audience to join the debate about what that future should look like and then play a part in creating it. Journey Makers starts to ask those big questions, making us think a little more about how driverless vehicles will affect us, collectively and individually, good and bad. Right now, we don’t have all the answers. But it’s exciting to be part of project that is leading the next stage of innovation towards our driverless future.”

SMLL (Smart Mobility Living Lab) is a co-innovation project led by TRL and a consortium including Cisco, TfL, DG Cities, Cubic, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and Loughborough University. SMLL aims to be a driving force for making future mobility products and services a commercial reality. It enables public and private sector organisations to test and validate transport technologies in a complex urban environment.

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