YouTube #StarOfChristmas Contest Campaign 2016 [Wisher App]

In an effort to spread awareness of the Wisher App, build a following for their new "WisherTV" YouTube Channel, build an influencer database, and help grant the wishes of YouTubers and their fans- Wisher decided to dedicate their Holiday Campaign to finding the official #StarOfChristmas giving away a grand prize trip around the world to any 3 cities in 3 days with $5,000 spending money for them and a travel buddy:

The contest was promoted via YouTube ads, pre-roll video ads, google ads, and Facebook ads al targeting youtube influencers and the like. YouTube caught wind of the contest and loved it so much, they wanted to back it- providing dedicated internal people to help optimize and get in front of their network of influencers. They also provided us with key targeted and beta ad placements and formats to help maximize awareness with influencers.

As supporting content for WisherTV and inspiration for influencers to get excited and creative with their videos- we created two video series that were released as the contest went on. The first, "Star School", showed host Dr. Jef Leopard (Comedian Robin Boot) demonstrating the 7 pillars in becoming a true star (scientific star traits, acted out ridiculously) to help you become the #StarOfChristmas - 7 episodes. The second series had comedian Joz Norris spoofing stereotypical YouTubers from all categories pitching themselves for the contest - 10 episodes. 

Out of all the entrants from around the world, 10 Semi-Finalists were chosen to create videos demoing the app, driving their fans to download and follow them on the app to help them win the trip around the world, and to encourage their followers to make their own wishes on the app that the influencer could then potentially grant on their trip if they won. As their videos went live, we ran individual Gmail, YouTube and Facebook ads targeting their respective fans directly, and look alike audience, to drive awareness of each semi-finalist's participation in the contest and how to support them directly via the app/DL:

The winners of the contest- based on creativity of their entry video, # of followers on the app, and engagement in the contest- was Nikki and John (473K+ Subscribers), also known as PRANKSTERSINLOVE (1.5M+ subscribers). They traveled to London, Bangkok, and Tokyo, spending a day with the Wisher team in London and hosting a meet and greet with fans. They granted wishes for followers on the app in each city as well. See the recap I made of their visit with Wisher in London and their travel vlogs they created as they went country to country in the playlist below:

In addition to conceptualizing the campaign and strategy behind it with Wisher CEO, I shot/edited/produced all video assets and supporting content for the contest, helped plan and execute targeted advertisement of the contest, helped manage influencers and coordinated grand prize trip logistics. I learned a lot about the digital advertising model and distribution options available, which was my first time getting to see how all of that works first hand opposed to using distribution agencies. All animations for the contest and videos were done by Ximena Martinez and sound for "Star School" and "Entry Spoof" series' was recorded by Shabnam Ayoubi. Both series were shot in one day each using two cameras, and edited over 2 weeks time.

Galen Driver