Seattle expat living in London. Brand Marketing and Creative. Connect dots at GOODXLUCK in my free time.

 I am motivated by results and passionate about creating engagement, quality content, and authentic storytelling through brand marketing. I am a true creative at heart, and a brand marketING enthusiast whom enjoys innovation in all forms. I value the opportunities where I can build efficient partnerships across teams, brands and industries, whilst creating new platforms for tangible success. Building a network to bring ideas to life is where I excel, whether it be in the planning, production or execution phase of the project. I enjoy building relationships and nurturing them into solid partnerships over time. I'm still working out where exactly I fit into this crazy industry, but having a blast learning every piece I can in the process for a more holistic point of view in my marketing efforts. I would love to continue learning more about digital marketing and video (both shooting, editing, and distribution). Design, photography and video are all personal and professional hobbies of mine that I enjoy expanding on in my free time which also helps me understand the creative process and how to better communicate with creative partners.



BELOW ARE just a few of the many DIFFERENT PROJECTS I'VE enjoyed working on or being involved in.