Seattle expat living in London. creative, innovation and Brand Marketing. Connect dots at GOODXLUCK in my free time.

I am motivated by results and passionate about creating engagement, quality content, and authentic storytelling. I am a true creative at heart, and a marketing enthusiast who enjoys innovation in all forms. I focus on making a difference for others and value the opportunities where I can build efficient partnerships across teams, brands and industries, whilst creating new platforms for tangible success. Building a local or global network to bring ideas to life is where I excel, whether it be in the planning, production or execution phase of the project. I value the opportunities where I get to build relationships and nurture them into solid partnerships over time. print and design, photography, video and animation are all personal and professional hobbies of mine that I enjoy expanding on in my free time. This also helps me better understand the creative process and how to better communicate with creative partners, along with translating back to clients and agency partners.